First the strategy, then the system: eq system improves processes at ZM Kazimieruk

Most of the projects we implement at eq system do not focus on IT systems. They concern business needs and goals that a particular company wants to achieve both now and in the future.

When we started cooperation with Zakłady Mechaniczne Kazimieruk, the pattern was the same: first, eq system specialists assessed the initial situation, and then presented possible ways to improve the organisational culture as well as the individual stages of production processes. They proposed changes which would have an impact on the functioning of the whole company, not just its fragment. The implementation and, above all, the precise adjustment of the Asprova APS system to the specific nature of Production and other supporting departments, including the Design, Technology and Quality Department, will bring numerous benefits.

At ZM Kazimieruk, most of our production is unit production, largely project-based. Therefore, we were interested in a system flexible enough to allow us to implement changes made by customers on an ongoing basis and assess their impact on the entire schedule. Equally important for us was the ability to plan operators taking into account their qualifications and material balancing broken down into standards, raw materials or semi-finished products.

The Asprova APS system only met our expectations in terms of functionality and great possibilities of its development over time. However, we would not have decided to implement it had it not been for the extensive knowledge of eq system specialists. Asprova APS is a solution which in its structure should reflect the company’s business objectives: the cooperation with eq system gives us confidence that it will do so. At every stage of work, its specialists prove not only their knowledge of the specificity of our industry but also their skills when it comes to improving the organisational culture of the company itself.

Tomasz Kwapis
Project Manager, ZM Kazimieruk

Benefits to be gained:

  • Reduction in the time needed for scheduling thanks to better visibility of the links between operations and the availability of staff with the right qualifications;
  • Increased customer trust thanks to the introduction of an early-warning system for threats to timely completion of orders, such as absenteeism of key personnel, lack of material or damage to machinery;
  • Increase in timeliness by taking into account information about current loads, including machines, people and production lines, availability of resources and control of order progress;
  • Reduction in the costs of the development and distribution of production plans thanks to standardised and systemised planning methods;
  • Shortening of the entire production cycle thanks to the inclusion in the plan of all the dependencies between operations;
  • Optimisation of the value levels of work in progress by introducing the possibility of creating detailed analyses of the planned variability of inventory levels;
  • Increase in employees’ knowledge of production process organisation, thereby improving the efficiency of the execution and recording of individual production tasks;
  • Improvement of the planning precision thanks to the inclusion in the process of operations relating to other company departments, such as construction, technology, quality control or tool shop, and the introduction of the possibility of estimating the planned load of these units;
  • Possibility of continuous improvement of production processes thanks to reliable assessment of their effectiveness and drawing accurate conclusions for the future.

We are sure that we will soon be able to share the effects of our cooperation and the implementation of Asprova APS at ZM Kazimieruk.


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