HUF Poland overcomes ERP limitations

Businesses are becoming increasingly more aware that the ERP system is often not enough. It is insufficient if the production process is non-standard and characterised by a high level of stock, various production batch volumes or constantly increasing machine load.

Hence, every unplanned changeover and even the slightest delay affects not only the stability of the whole process but also the timeliness of order fulfilment.

HUF Poland is a company which knows exactly how to invest in growth. Its specialists ensure constant development of the production management process and yet, in certain situations, even the most experienced staff is not enough. It is simply due to time limitations. That is why, it is extremely important to support the company’s operations with tools which will ensure that they can increase not only comfort at work but also efficiency of the process they handle. Therefore, HUF Poland has chosen to liaise with eq system and, thus, improve its production management process using Asprova APS.

I would like to begin with the fact that eq system specialists solved the problems we could not for a few years. It was not because we did not have the knowledge to do that, but because a suitable tool was missing. A standard ERP system (IFS) and its planning modules are limited when it comes to online defining and that is why we thought we would use Asprova APS System as it had capacity. It will also help to streamline our ERP system which is becoming a burden when it handles a huge amount of data coming through MRP. For this reason, we would like to have specialist software to do our detailed production scheduling.

The collaboration with eq system was highly efficient; we have been given extra materials and information practically from the beginning. Every Huf Poland employee involved in the audit got a detailed agenda. What is more, we appreciate the fact that a precise concept, which now is an attachment to the deal, resulted from the audit. It has all of our expectations along with the possible solutions.


  • Improving timeliness of order fulfilment along with a growing order volume through the early warning system to this extent;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the whole process through the use of well-developed machinery and production resources;
  • Shortening the production cycle through the control of the connection between operations;
  • Reducing the time needed to make the right business decision through what-if simulations;
  • Eliminating unnecessary stops by including the up-to-date progress of production in the consecutive planning sessions, mapping technological limitations that constantly change and automating material balancing;
  • Increasing the stability of the whole process through standardising planning methods;
  • Improving communication and, thus, eliminating errors stemming from various misunderstandings or the access to the obsolete data;
  • Gaining full control of production progress will ensure collecting key data in one place.



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HUF Polska is the automotive industry leader in the field of security systems production. The company’s clients include brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford or Porsche.

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