eq system as the Technology Supplier of the Silesian Competence Centre of Industry 4.0

The Competence Centre for Industry 4.0 brings together companies that work towards raising the level of technological advancement. We are glad that our company has joined this prestigious group. Together with other Silesian Competence Centre for Industry 4.0 Partners, we will support entrepreneurs in the implementation and application of 4.0 technologies and participate in meetings aimed at promotion and education in the field of new technologies.

On the road to industrial transformation

Being included in the group of Partners of the Silesian Competence Centre for Industry 4.0 (SCCI 4.0) is both an honour and a challenge for us. An honour because it is our innovative IT solutions implementing the assumptions of Industry 4.0 that have once again been appreciated. Together with SCCI 4.0, we will strive to implement initiatives aimed at introducing advanced production technologies and IT systems in companies, thus supporting their competitiveness.

partner eq system

Synergy for technological development

As a Partner of the Silesian Competence Centre for Industry 4.0, we will actively participate in such events as lectures and training sessions regarding various technical issues related to digitisation and Industry 4.0. These will mainly concern:

  • Data collection and data analysis
  • Internet of Things
  • Automation of machinery and equipment
  • Cloud computing
  • Advanced human-machine interfaces
  • Business management systems
  • Communication platforms with suppliers and customers
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mobile services and mobile devices.

We are confident that our extensive experience in advanced manufacturing technologies and IT systems will enable Polish companies to propel their businesses towards 4.0.

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