XPRIMER fuels effectiveness at Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Poland

A smooth implementation of production plans depends mainly on people, on their competences and on them being in the right place at the right time. Also, it is important if the staff is well-matched to the particular kind of job and the communication between the company’s departments is efficient. Therefore, our very own XPRIMER platform controls the smooth progress of production processes and the optimal time management at Plastic Omnium.

Quick access to the key data, a reduction of downtime and a thorough evaluation of the efficiency of schedules: these are only a few of the advantages gained by Plastic Omnium. All this could not be done, if it had not been for XPRIMER, so perfectly matched to the company’s needs by eq system specialists.

It is not a secret that while looking for a HR management system, we noticed many solutions thanks to which it was possible to improve the efficiency of work time planning (in theory, at least). However, eq system’s superiority stems from the ability to match these solutions to the manufacturing sector, without any exaggeration. The advantages of the implementation of XPRIMER are clearly defined. We received information about the whole process and some possible impediments for which we had to be prepared.

One of the most significant things for the stability of our production plan is to eliminate the risk of the absence of an employee with certain qualifications. On the one hand, with XPRIMER, we can precisely count and optimise the staff needed. On the other, the system informs us about training coming to an end or the absence of the particular employee in the specific production line. It gives us tools which enable us to take appropriate precautionary actions in advance.

I can tell from the eq system specialists’ rational approach to the project and their years’ experience, which can be seen at every stage of their work, that the collaboration with eq system is a valuable one.

Artur Grudzień, Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Poland Production Manager

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