DCIx is a solution that enables comprehensive supply chain management, both internally and globally. You will be able to monitor the flow of raw materials, finished products and work in progress in real time. By using it you will have instant access to your data thanks to working online.

What benefits can you enjoy?

elimination of the number of errors by over 94%

reduction of the time needed
to pick materials by 47%

shortening the inventory time by over 89%

elimination of paper documents from the warehouse

full supervision over the movement of all materials

Entire supply chain covered

In DCIx, you will cover all the activities related to both the transport of goods and the various stages of their production, including:

Warehouse management

Immediate answers to questions

The DCIx system works online. Thanks to this you know exactly what is in stock at any given time. Inventory does not take several days anymore, but only a few hours. DCix will immediately tell you:

Implementation of Industry 4.0 assumptions in practice

DCIx will facilitate the implementation of the Industry 4.0 assumptions – the system sends information directly to the machines and at the same time receives information from them about whether everything is going according to plan and what exactly they have produced. The system collects a huge amount of information, collects it and then processes it in such a way so that you can draw valuable conclusions from it and see the relationships between data much faster.

Independence from IT systems used

DCIx cooperates with any external systems (including ERP, SCP, MES, CMMS or BI) and automated storage systems, including forklifts.