Smooth changeover to digital production

In today’s dynamic business environment, the implementation of an IT system is not only a key success factor, but is also becoming an essential tool that enables the operation of an organisation. Choosing the right IT implementation company becomes an extremely important part of this process. When it comes to digital transformation, it is crucial […]

Actually, why do we need an MES?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have been around for almost two decades, so they are no longer something new. They emerged as a natural recognition that computer technology could be integrated with mechanical engineering to produce more, faster, more efficiently and with higher quality than ever before. Sound trivial? No more than the question ‘why the […]

Traceability – how to increase competitive advantage?

As consumer research shows, the ability to verify a product and its transparency has recently become a desirable feature for customers. They no longer only pay attention to where the finished product comes from, but under what conditions it was produced, from which semi-finished products and by whom. Generation Z is playing an increasingly important […]

How the XPRIMER.CMMS mobile app supports the work of maintenance services

The correct flow of information is a key element in any company – no matter where we are in the organisation and no matter what process we are talking about. Whether in the production cycle or any other, the basis of an organisation’s operations is the availability of information and its efficient exchange.  Communicating all […]

Business management: what does the traceability module change in the MES system?

Traceability a zarządzanie przedsiębiorstwem

It has recently gained popularity among medium and large enterprises to collect data on the functioning of the organisation at various levels. This is information concerning accounting, production, sales, purchases and internal processes taking place in companies. In short, huge amounts of data entered in many places, which are in fact collected art for art’s […]

Traceability: a fashionable gadget or a necessity?

Traceability - kontrola przepływu produkcyjnego

Traceability, the genealogy of a product, the possibility to follow it through the manufacturing process, which enables the control of data flow about it. We know that this is a useful functionality which allows us to determine the composition of the product, used in systems that have an impact on the management of raw materials, […]

MES: what should you pay attention to when you select it?

Wybieramy dobry system MES

A good MES can take the production process to another level. Its implementation in an organisation is one of the simplest ways to effectively manage the company’s resources. As it enables continuous monitoring of production and obtaining specific information about it, it influences the flow of the entire process and ultimately a noticeable increase in company […]

Production scheduling and energy consumption

Planowanie produkcji a energia elektryczna

Production scheduling and energy consumption Many of you may be struggling with the high costs of energy and other utilities such as gas, process water or steam. Have you ever wondered how good production scheduling affects the unit costs of energy consumption? Can production planning reduce energy, gas or water consumption costs? In many production […]