Production planning as an official order

System APS w planowaniu produkcji

Many times, I have encountered a situation where workers in production told me what the production schedule should look like on their machine. They argued that the sequence could be planned differently, thus reducing the number of changeovers. They pointed out that such a schedule limits the throughput of their machine. And what did they […]

Technological data in the production management process

Zarządzanie produkcją a dane technologiczne

Working in various production companies, I often encountered the statement that “the system is malfunctioning”. Usually, it was about a demand for raw materials incorrectly generated, raw materials for release incorrectly prepared, production station overloaded or order costs incorrectly calculated. To explain these and many other similar anomalies, it was rarely necessary to launch an […]

TMC in the Kaizen philosophy

Techniczny koszt wytworzenia a planowanie produkcji

“Continuous improvement of a process is essential for success”: every person involved in the organisation of work in manufacturing companies has come across this statement at least once. The implementation of Kaizen and the resulting positive revolution only confirm the validity of this thought. Let us consider: what might the process of calculating the Total […]

Production planning in maintenance: APS vs. CMMS

planowanie produkcji a utrzymanie ruchu

An essential part of the work of those involved in production planning and scheduling is the collection of information. It is acquired through various channels, not only from one department. No one needs to be convinced about the necessity of data exchange with procurement, production or technology. It may seem that the maintenance department plays […]

ERP and APS vs. fear of change

System ERP i system APS Asprova

Developing a concept of how to implement a system for a client is a difficult and demanding process. Over the last few years, I have participated in dozens of such projects, as an analyst, project manager and product manager. They had different processes ended differently but what most of them had in common was the […]

ERP system for production: is it useful to seek other solutions?

Systemy klasy ERP i APS w harmonogramowaniu produkcji

ERP systems appear as comprehensive production management solutions in all areas. This belief firmly persists among individuals and businesses that use this class of systems on a daily basis. During the implementation, we hope that all our problems will be solved and we will finally not have to need Excel for work. Practice shows something completely […]

Kaizen. How to find time for continuous improvement?

The Kaizen philosophy focuses on continuous process improvement in the organisation. It means a long-term improvement, step by step, every day, by EVERY employee, from the executives and to regular employees. It would seem that the application of the KAIZEN principle only requires the inclusion of a thought process at every stage of production, but […]