XPRIMER.HCM is a system that supports and improves processes related to human capital management (including recruitment, training, employee development, employee evaluation and incentive programmes). It will help you make full use of the potential of your team, both current and future.

What benefits can you enjoy?

duration of recruitment process reduced by 56% 

improved onboarding process for new employees 

increased efficiency and quality
of employee assessments 

better communication with employees 

reduction of administrative costs by over 37%

Competence management – match employees to positions

You will create competence matrices and set a clear career path for individual employees. In XPRIMER.HCM:

Trainings and development – use the potential of your team

You will plan the development of your employees – you will establish the annual plan of trainings and their budget. Apply for trainings manually or automate the whole process. Let employees report individual needs in this area. You can connect trainings to a career path, competences and positions.

Recruitment and employment planning

In the XPRIMER.HCM system, you will accurately reflect the company’s organizational structure. Thanks to this, you will quickly determine:

Collect data, compare the CVs of candidates and contact them directly through the system. XPRIMER.HCM can integrate with any recruitment portal.

Employee evaluation – build surveys tailored to the organizational culture

Build surveys without any limitations and analyze their results. Compare the self-evaluation of employees with the assessment issued by superiors. Choose leaders and motivate those who need it. Plan the employee evaluation process in such a way so that it brings conclusions for the continuous improvement of the organization. Survey the satisfaction of employees. Ask them for an opinion in any scope (anonymously or otherwise).

Efficient communication thanks to the employee portal

The employee portal is above all comfort for employees and less time devoted to administrative work by the HR department. An employee has access to:

The portal has a bulletin board and an internal messenger built in it. From now on, each discussion will have a context, even if someone joins it later than others. XPRIMER.HCM also provides access to key information through a web browser, a mobile application and an employee kiosk.