XPRIMER.ECM is a module responsible for efficient document flow and workflow in the company. It will help you reflect all internal processes, define the documents flow, indicate persons responsible for the performance of specific tasks and you will consciously control the flow of information throughout the company. Thanks to XPRIMER.ECM you know exactly where the process has slowed down and why.

What benefits can you enjoy?

reduction of the time of document flow by 36%

reduction of the costs related
to printing documents

limiting problems related to the loss
of documents by nearly 97%

reduction of document search time by 83%

increase in work efficiency by over 23%

Electronic document flow

All internal processes will be reflected directly in the system. Thanks to this:

Register of cases – more efficient identification of documents

You will quickly identify documents of various format and flowing from various sources thanks to:

Management of physical and electronic archives

You will always know where the document you are looking for is – regardless of whether you need its electronic or paper version. Supervise the flow of specific documents, their borrowing and destruction.

Analysis of the effectiveness of processes

Thanks to the statistics on the course of individual processes you will know:

If necessary, you will a build multidimensional analysis in the form of pivot tables or charts.

Security of data collection and storage

You do not have to worry about the security of data collection and storage and the internal knowledge transfer policy. XPRIMER has extensive possibilities of granting rights and access to specific information. It also ensures compliance with the GDPR thanks to the built-in mechanisms of access to data and data anonymization.