Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is an advanced, but at the same time extremely intuitive BI class tool. It allows you to create advanced, interactive visualizations and find links between data that you have not seen before. With Qlik Sense, you can transform pure information into competitive knowledge.

What benefits can you enjoy?

case study

reduction of the time needed to generate and access information by 48%

zarządzanie magazynem

reduction of the duration of analyses by 51%

optymalizacja produkcji

increase in financial liquidity by 23%

eq system

reduction of operating costs by over 26%

increase in income by almost 18%

Immediate access to data – independent of the place, time and device

Qlik processes data in memory – this means that all data are processed in real time. It does not matter where you are, at what time and what device you are working on. All you need is Internet access.

The source of data for the system can be:

  • internal and external databases,
  • websites,
  • social networks,
  • data warehouses,
  • ERP systems
  • Excel, cvs. files.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense interaktywne wizualizacje

Discover connections thanks to interactive visualizations

You can easily monitor the data you are interested in and analyze them thanks to their graphic, clear presentation. Ask questions and find the answers directly in the system. Expand or narrow your area of interest to see the interrelations and causal links.


You are able to switch to working in the system immediately. All the activities that you undertake are updated after your click. Explore data, combine facts, find connections and explore any information you choose. Get answers immediately.

ASPROVA APS szybkość działania

Qlik Sense

Share important conclusions immediately

Thanks to the extensive possibilities of the Data Storytelling method, you will improve the effectiveness of cooperation and the process of sharing important conclusions. All the people in your company, regardless of the branch or department, will use the same data.

Our Clients

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    The BI solution implemented by eq system is the perfect support for the APS and MES systems used by us. It allows us to see much more despite the fact that we have access to exactly the same data. I recommend BI system to everyone who wants to analyze faster and, above all, more effectively, and eq system to those who want to be sure that Qlik Sense will make it possible for them, because it will accurately reflect the business needs of their company. That was our case.

    Przemysław Fernówka Representative of the Management Board for IT Systems, Profim Sp. z o.o.