Kontiotuote Oy

Kontiotuote Oy, commonly known as Kontio, is the world’s largest manufacturer of log buildings. Kontiotuote Oy employs more than two hundred employees.

Kontio’s turnover in 2021 was 71.5 million euros, of which, in addition to domestic sales, there were exports to approx. 20 different countries. Kontiotuote Oy has a subsidiary in Sweden, Kontio Hus AB. In addition to Sweden, the most important export destinations are France and Norway. Kontio’s log houses, log villas, saunas and other buildings are made from logs into finished products at Kontio’s own factory in Pudasjärvi. The location is optimal in the middle of the northern forests, where the production pines are felled and picked up.

Kontiotuote Oy and eq system scandinavia Oy have developed Kontio’s production planning from the company’s starting points, seeking comprehensive efficiency, cost minimization, quality improvement and production capacity predictability and optimization.

Asprova automatically loads the work on the log side into the optimal production sequence, taking into account the constraints of the production processes and thereby freeing the foremen’s resources for things other than loading the work, calculating needs and creating manufacturing orders. Scheduling and load is based on actual production capacity and not on infinite production capacity (as it is made in many other scheduling software). Only by acting in this way can the real opportunities and benefits be harnessed in an optimal way for the company’s use.

Next, the structural design of the buildings to be sold will be connected with the design process, so that the process’s turnaround time can be made transparent to all actors. Medium-term rough planning is also being considered for implementation with the help of Asprova.



Scope of the project:

production planning and scheduling

Chosen system:

Asprova APS

Number of operations in production plan:

up to  10 K

Implementation goals

Minimization of production costs.

Shortened lead times.

Reduction of stock levels.

Quality improvement.

Results of cooperation

Reduction in time spent on production planning by 70%.

Reduction of lead times by 50%.

Decrease in work in process inventory by 50%

Production capacity predictability and optimization.

Timo Pesiö Quality Engineer, Kontio

The cooperation with eq system has gone extremely well and Asprova’s operations in the production planning of the log side have been significantly developed. We trust that, together with eq system, we will be able to develop a comprehensive planning system from Asprova for Kontio’s needs.

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