Formaster S.A.

Formaster Group is an extremely modern family-run company famous, above all, for its Dafi brand products. It currently employs over 400 people, has its own design and construction office and laboratory, as well as several production lines which millions of products leave every year. For several years, it has worked with leading distributors, fulfilling orders to dozens of countries all over the world. In Poland, Dafi bottles, jugs and filters can be purchased in almost every major retail chain. Filters in jugs and bottles perfectly fit into pro-health and pro-ecology trends, visible not only on the food market.

Behind the company’s rapid growth lies growth-friendly investments. One of these was the automation of the production control process using ASPROVA APS and the XPRIMER.MES, together with the integration of these systems with the company’s ERP.


Water filter jugs and cartridges

Scope of the project:

production planning and recording

Chosen systems:


Number of operations in production plan:

up to 5 K

Implementation goals

Increase the company's flexibility in response to emerging demand.

Improve the use of existing production resources.

Improvement of production planning processes.

Getting access to detailed information on the realization of individual orders.

Results of cooperation

Better adjustment of the production process to orders.

Greater precision in determining the need for raw materials.

Decrease in the number of shortages.

Reduction in stock levels by approx. 20-30%.

Reduced lead times on orders.

Increased factory productivity - with the same number of workers and machines, production increased by about 10-15%.

Maciej Bursztein
Board Member and Development Director
Formaster sp. o z o.

The implementation projects we have carried out together with eq system have given us, above all, improved flexibility. With ASPROVA APS, we are able to adapt our production to orders much more flexibly. Previously, any changes in planning were inspreadsheets; just checking the availability of raw materials took us several days. We have gained precision in ordering raw materials and, as a result, we are reducing our inventory levels. Monitoring production in the MES together with the IOT module results in a significant decrease in shortages and accurate data, which the foremen receive directly from the system. As a result, they are closer to their employees than to their computers. 

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