The HR management revolution: How automation is changing HR

procesy HR

Every day, when we use an ATM instead of a cashier at the bank or when we check in at the airport by ourselves using an automated booth, we witness how technology is replacing human labour. As artificial intelligence becomes part of our daily lives, we all think about one thing – how the job […]

When ERP is no longer sufficient for personnel management

ERP systems have been gaining popularity for more than a decade as the main tool used by companies to manage various areas of their business such as finance, manufacturing, logistics or sales. Most ERP systems are also equipped with HR and payroll modules, which allow to keep records of employment, maintain employee records, simple time […]

What can OKR do for HR?

Quite a lot has been written about HR analytics being one of the essential tools in improving the employee experience. By using data to assess employee satisfaction, engagement and performance, organisations can identify areas where employees are struggling or dissatisfied and take corrective steps to create a more positive, engaging and supportive work environment. Analytics […]

Welcome to the world of post-pandemic HR

System HR

Recent events have shown that it is no longer enough to simply adapt to change, but to do so at an unprecedented pace. Indeed, it is no longer enough to simply manage staff, but processes must be optimised to respond quickly in a dynamic environment. This change also requires a different approach to the role […]

Where to find savings in managing a group of companies? Case study

Currently, we are often faced with a process of concentration of multiple entities within a single group, which involves numerous challenges, including the realisation of two seemingly irreconcilable needs. On the one hand, there is the need to ensure central, efficient management of the group and, on the other, to maintain the ability to manage […]

Communication in business processes

Rola komunikacji w procesach biznesowych

Effective communication is a key element of the strategy at any company. Moreover, it is a challenge that all businesses in the market have to face nowadays. It does not matter whether it concerns the environment and image, management of change, crisis situation, employer branding or the coordination of current operations in several business processes. […]

Is this the end of presentism and the beginning of absenteeism?

We present a new series of articles! We will indicate negative phenomena that may be forgotten due to the changes forced by the lockdown. We will also discuss those that are replaced by new ones, not yet known to us. In the next parts of the series, we will cover, among others, the topic of […]

Automatic planning of working time

planowanie czasu pracy - xprimer

In my previous article (Pattern-based planning of working time), I wrote about the support of the working time planning process by an IT system based on patterns (calendars, shift schedules). In online mode, it indicates the mistakes that were made during the planning, so that they can be corrected on a regular basis. In this […]

Pattern-Based Planning of working time

grafiki pracy w przedsiębiorstwie

Planning of working time is an opportunity to relieve middle-level employees responsible for their teams. One of the administrative activities related to employee management ceases to be their responsibility. The hours that were previously spent on planning in traditional form can be used for current operational activities. After all, that’s always been the case, right? […]