XPRIMER.HRM supports activities related to planning, record keeping and the settlement of work time. It helps improve internal communication. It will help you create correct and effective plans much faster. You will automate the processes of record keeping, settlement, granting bonuses and budgeting. And above all, you will never have an employee missing at a given time and place.

What benefits can you enjoy?

reduction of process management costs by 19% 

reduction of unplanned staff shortages by 87%

reduction of financial losses
related to the improper planning of work time by 96%

ensuring full compliance with labour laws

improvement of employee efficiency by 22%

Work time planning – all information in one place

At one time, you will take into account all the variables that are key to creating an effective, correct and, above all, feasible plan. For example:

Thanks to the access to current plans and detailed data about employees you will respond quickly and accurately in emergency situations (including an employee arriving late at work, employee illness or machine breakdown).

Xprimer bezpieczeństwo danych

Absence management in XPRIMER HRM

Establish a vacation plan in such a manner so that you always have key employees available to accomplish particular business goals. If you want to do it – the system will signal it.


You will be prepared for the sudden absence of an employee, and from the transparent list of employees and their competences you will select the appropriate person for replacement.

Effective protection against errors and mistakes

The staffing control mechanism will not let you make a mistake, because it will signal:

Automated work time records and work time settlements

Do you have various sources of data on the work time, including time and attendance readers, data from external systems (e.g. MES), overtime work requests, requests for leave of absence and days to be worked off?

Now you can collect them in one place – analyze and correct all discrepancies on a regular basis. And then send them to the HR and payroll system, which will automatically settle the time of work, taking into account all its details.

Efficient communication thanks to the employee portal

The employee portal is above all comfort for employees and less time devoted to administrative work by the HR department. An employee has access to:

The portal has a bulletin board and an internal messenger built into it. From now on, each discussion will have a context, even if someone joins it later than others. XPRIMER.HRM also provides access to key information through a web browser, a mobile application and an employee kiosk.