XPRIMER.CRM is a module that allows you to build and maintain positive relationships with clients. Its most important tasks include supporting the achievement of business goals. Its motto is: take advantage of sales opportunities, always keep to the point in your conversations and analyze the effects of the actions taken – especially those you are not completely satisfied with.

What benefits can you enjoy?

increasing the efficiency
of the sales process by 75%

increasing the profitability
of sales processes by 45%

increasing the level of customer loyalty

increasing the customer retention by 30%

improving the efficiency of after-sales service

Detailed client profile – what does it give you?

First of all, immediate access to the most important information about the client and the context of conversations – XPRIMER.CRM works in the web browser.

What enables the creation of client profiles?

Communication – the power of a personalized message

Send and receive e-mails directly in the system, use the bulletin board embedded in the messenger system and comments to specific tasks.


Access to this information will only be given to people involved in a specific project or having the appropriate permission. No more scattered information and using different versions of files.

Take advantage of sales opportunities

You will take advantage of the sales opportunities thanks to:

Marketing campaign support

Plan a specific path for marketing activities (set the target group, specify the persons responsible for implementation) – oversee and verify effectiveness, and then optimize the entire process.


The campaign is intended to achieve specific goals (e.g. sale of a specific product).

Security of data collection and storage

You do not have to worry about the security of data collection and storage and the internal knowledge transfer policy. XPRIMER.CRM has extensive possibilities of granting rights and access to specific information. It also ensures compliance with the GDPR thanks to the built-in mechanisms of access to data and data anonymization. Zapewnia również zgodność z RODO dzięki wbudowanym mechanizmom anonimizacji danych i dostępu do nich.


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