Strauss Cafe

Strauss Cafe, one of Poland’s largest coffee producers and one of its largest distributors, has implemented the Asprova APS system in the area of production planning and scheduling.
The APS system thus became the centre of production and logistics management in the company.



Scope of the project:

production planning and scheduling

Chosen system:


Number of operations in production plan:

up to 5 K

Implementation goals

Improvement in the precision of lead times order completion dates with immediate identification of deviations from the plan.

Improving production efficiency.

Stabilizing the pace of work in production.

Consideration of information on resource availability in production plans.

Results of cooperation

OTIF rate increase to almost 100%.

Increase in the efficiency of machinery utilisation (OEE increased from 50% to 84%).

Unifying tact throughout the production cycle.

Downtime minimization.

Reduction in stocks of packaging and finishing materials by more than 20%.

Increased flexibility in the production process.

Przemysław Woroch

Plant Manager
Strauss Cafe Poland sp. z o.o.

ASPROVA APS is tool to support decision making operational and strategic management decisions. It discovers the new possibilities for cost optimization production and flexible respond to customer needs.

ASPROVA supports modern and efficient communication in the operational structure. The communication channels and the quality of the provided data have to be as transparent as possible – from sales structures, customer service, purchasing, production, to internal logistics and distribution.

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