Raben Logistics Polska

Operating since 1991, Raben Logistics Polska is a leading logistics company in Poland, employing over 3,700 employees in 35 branches. In eight of them, around 700 people a day are involved in VAS (value-added services).
Due to the intensive development of the service segment and the growing customer requirements, the company was looking for tools that would allow, among others: efficient use of resources, automating and systematizing the planning process, real-time monitoring of production efficiency, automation of production quality management and the development of issues related to the traceability of raw materials and components for the manufactured unit. The solution proposed by eq system included both the implementation of the MES class system and the ASPROVA APS production planning and scheduling system.



Scope of the project:

production planning and recording

Chosen systems:


Number of operations in production plan:

up to 5K

Implementation goals

Increasing the flexibility of the company's operation.

Improving the degree of use of owned production resources.

Streamlining production planning processes.

Ensuring traceability at every stage of production.

Greater precision in determining the demand for raw materials

Results of cooperation

Increase of the OTIF ratio to 99.8%.

Maximum reduction of the buffer surface before and after production.

Shortening the order fulfillment time.

Realisation of the "just in time" strategy.

Increase in the quality of customer service.

Increasing the volume of transactions with a simultaneous reduction in their cost.

Łukasz Dubina
Value Added Service Director,
Raben Logistics Polska

Currently, we can operate according to various planning scenarios embedded in the planning process, optimizing the use of resources. What’s more, in the ASPROVA system we have gained the ability to reserve resources “ahead of customers” signals.

For us, the measurable result of the implementation of the MES and ASPROVA APS system is the OTIF indicator, which exceeded the assumed target and currently amounts to 99.88% (counted to the level of a pallet unit), i.e. we produce on time and in the quality expected by the customer.

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