Bury sp. z o.o.

Established in 1987, Bury Sp. z o.o. is a recognised and respected partner in the of the international automotive industry development and production. Its engineering solutions and products cover the most diverse areas of the automotive sector, and the customer portfolio of Bury Technologies includes prestigious and renowned automotive brands (such as Bentley, BMW, Toyota and Volkswagen). Interestingly, the company designs and manufactures solutions for its own use: injection moulds, mechanical components and production lines. There are not many companies that are able to provide the customer with a full range a full range of automated solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

The company decided to abandon Excel-based production planning and scheduling and implement Asprova APS software, offered by eq system.



Scope of the project:

production planning and scheduling

Chosen system:


Number of operations in production plan:

up to 20 K

Implementation goals

Reduction in stock levels.

Adapting production schedules to changing components availability.

Improvement of production planning processes.

Replacing Excel scheduling with a more advanced tool.

Results of cooperation

Reduction in stock levels by 40%.

Reduction of the time needed to prepare production plans from 3-4 days to tens of seconds.

Extending the planning horizon from 1 week to 3 weeks.

Increasing the efficient use of existing resources.

Rafał Błażejowski
Logistics Division Manager,
Bury sp. z o.o.

We live in times when it seems that a human being can be replaced by machine. It used to be that the planner was the person who issued production orders; today, the planner in divisions where we have implemented the ASPROVA APS system does not do this: this work is done for him by the system. It doesn’t mean that ASPROVA has replaced the planner.

With the system, the planner is given material to analyse, and it is the human being who makes the decisions. That’s why we can be flexible. We allocate the time previously spent arranging the schedule to analysis. The human being is irreplaceable.

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