Belma Accessories Systems sp. z o.o.

Specialised in the production of advanced metal structrures and assemblies bundles Belma Accessories Systems sp. z o.o. is one of the largest companies of this kind in Central Europe. BAS products are used in the most diverse industries: wind and solar energy, industrial automation, electronics and medicine and the food industry. The company has many years of experience in cooperation with demanding customers, with whom builds long-term business partnerships.

The BAS product range has evolved from simple enclosures consisting of two sheet metal components to complex wiring cabinets requiring five-level detail BOMs and several hundreds of purchasing items. The growth of the company made it necessary to change the approach to planning and scheduling production.

Together with the eq system team, Belma Accessories Systems sp. z o.o. has implemented the Asprova APS for production planning and scheduling.



Scope of the project:

production planning and recording

Chosen system:


Number of operations in production plan:

up to 100 K

Implementation goals

Replacing Excel scheduling with a more advanced tool.

Ability to create simulations of production plans.

Production planning based on Just-In-Time principles.

Results of cooperation

Reducing the time needed to prepare advanced production plans from several days to 40 minutes.

Better synchronization of production processes.

Precise information on the load of individual production resources and bottlenecks..

Easier prioritisation of orders.

Arkadiusz Goździk
chief specialist for production planning Belma Accessories Systems sp. z o.o.

One of the main benefits that have resulted from the implementation of ASPROVA APS in Belma Accessories Systems sp. z o.o. is the shortening of
lead time by approx. 30% due to i.a.: extraordinary detailing of production stages at a level impossible to achieve in ERP system.

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