Logistics management: how to give it the right rhythm?

How to make the material flows fully transparent, the employees aware of which materials to use for production, and the logistics specialists aware of what they can send out? How to not waste time on constantly searching through the warehouse, generating successive documents and tedious data processing? Well – how?

Challenge: be “here and now”

Nowadays, everything happens quickly, so we also have to do everything much faster. Respond to changes in trends, to higher and higher customer requirements and getting used to the fact that their needs are being met here and now – and if we do not offer “here and now”, our competition will certainly take our place.

Logistics management is primarily about the management of flow – of goods, information, services. Management, which starts as early as at the time of the planning itself and, contrary to appearances, does not end with the delivery of the order. Significantly more elements make it effective and they are crucial for timeliness, the speed of execution (increasingly smaller and increasingly personalized orders), satisfaction, and thus customer confidence.

elektroniczny obieg dokumentów w firmie
zarządzanie obiegiem dokumentów w firmie

Solution: coordination of many elements

The right rhythm is ensured by a combination of knowledge and transparency – after all, it is difficult to manage something that we do not know about. Therefore, we should collect information in real time, including the level of inventories, their location, and the duration of individual stages of the logistics process. The secret of effective logistics management lies in the ability to coordinate many important elements simultaneously, including the digital image of the warehouse, employee efficiency, supply chain management, care for relations with suppliers and finally the automation and optimization of the entire process and its visualization.