xprimer w dobie koronawirusa

XPRIMER versus pandemic and market changes

Many of us have spent the past weeks at home trying to adapt to the new situation and reconcile the organisation of everyday life with professional duties. And we have a lot of them, because the coronavirus pandemic has changed every industry. Whether for the better or for worse, one thing is for sure – there is no return to pre-pandemic reality. The turmoil on the market has resulted in many companies looking not only for new ways to reach the customer, but also for effective, remote management of their enterprise. How is the IT industry dealing with it? Does it have ready solutions for this?

New market, new business goals

The home office used to be one of the optional solutions. Some employees only worked from home, others used this opportunity in exceptional circumstances. Since the situation we are experiencing now is undeniably unique, home offices have swarmed with workers. Thus, solutions and systems offered by companies from the IT industry are at the very centre of attention. Their producers are responsible for ensuring that the implemented solutions result in the efficient (though remotely controlled) functioning of the company. Thus, overnight business digitisation has become a necessity and an opportunity to achieve business goals despite the difficult situation among clients in Poland and around the world.

IT software and crisis management

What are the most important problems entrepreneurs are currently facing? What is their priority? There are more and more voices about the requirement to search for new channels of communication with customers, other solutions maintaining the level of sales at an acceptable level and focused on the distribution of goods.

The second issue is connected with supporting the processes in your own enterprise and managing it (and your employees) so that it does not affect the smoothness of work and does not block the plans for further development of the organisation.

Implementation of which system will help the company meet the challenges in this area? Maybe specific tools are needed? You do not have to look for the answer among advanced technologies – an effective support is the XPRIMER platform.

XPRIMER – access to information 24/7

The business model and its management changed by the pandemic requires consistent actions and appropriate, easy-to-use tools. Data on the XPRIMER platform can be accessed from any place and at any time, which is a great convenience for the company’s employees, especially in the remote work mode.

To what extent does the system improve the recording of work? XPRIMER makes it simple and intuitive. It is the same with its planning and accounting. The platform can be operated not only by regular employees. HR departments and management staff are also able to use it. Its important functionality is the possibility of electronic signing of documents (e.g. contracts) and their handling in the system thanks to the e-folder module.

The e-folder module allows you to simultaneously reduce the time and costs associated with the management of employee documentation. Importantly, the implementation of electronic documentation significantly increases the level of security of the stored data.

XPRIMER system – remote management

What other possibilities does the XPRIMER offer? It has been adapted to all legal changes, of which there are a lot nowadays. There is room for planning and accounting of the so-called ‘demurrage’ and marking shortened breaks in the company’s work (daily and weekly) in the system, as part of the implementation of the so-called anti-crisis shield.

XPRIMER was created basing on current information about changes in regulations and procedures during the pandemic. It will work in every enterprise and in every industry that focuses on development, modern solutions and constant access to data.

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