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eqrier kwiecień 2019

The second eqrier issue is already published!

Eqrier is our internal magazine full of interesting articles about both our company and the private life of eq system employees. It is intended primarily for the integration and flow of relevant information. By writing about our colleagues, talking to them, following their private activities, we can confidently say that we are unique and unrepeatable. Putting it simply – we are not normopaths. Each of us has different passions, different interests and own identity.

Fortunately, there is also a thing that connects us! This is a common business goal and joint professional successes. When we started creating the first eqrier issue, we were afraid that we would run out of topics and interesting stories to print the next issues. To our surprise, the number of new and completed projects meant that for the sections “What’s happening” and “What’s up in the department…” we had to destine more pages than we originally planned. Check what topics we covered in the 2nd edition of eqrier!

  • “What’s up in the department”, i.e. all ongoing and completed projects in the ux, programming, implementation and services departments,
  • “What’s happening” is about our latest research and development project concerning the XPRIMER platform,
  • “From life outside the eq system” is about what our private life looks like: who got married, who’s got a baby, who got engaged,
  • “Welcome on board” i.e. who joined the team of the Production Department and the Sales Department,
  • “For sports” i.e. report from the first eq system squash tournament,
  • “Let’s meet” i.e. the private life of Gosia and Agnieszka – girls from the Administration Department,
  • “Are we agile” so what does our work look like every day, what system do we work in and how are we able to organise ourselves so that our work is the most effective,
  • “Holiday diaries” so who visited Romania…

…and much more!

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