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no category | 22.02.2019

The next edition of free webinars – start of signing up!

Our experts have prepared another series of free webinars in the field of production management and forecasting. Each meeting will last about an hour and will refresh the theoretical aspects related to these areas. Additionally, it will enable to get to know specialized IT systems, that support an effective implementation of challenges faced by many companies from various industries in the field of production registration, planning and forecasting. Webinars will take place on February 27.

Agenda of webinars:

  • 10:00 Appropriate forecasting with Forecast PRO SEE DETAILS >>
  • 12:00 Effective production recording with Opera MES and productivity growth SEE DETAILS >>
  • 14:00 Flexible production planning with Asprova APS SEE DETAILS >>

The meetings have been prepared in such a way that you can participate in them in an independent manner. However, at the moment when we are interested in learning the relationship between these areas – we encourage you to participate in all three meetings.

Webinars are interactive – each participant can ask questions and our speaker, Michał Żelichowski, will answer them during the webinar or immediately after its completion. We encourage people who like to broaden their knowledge without leaving home and want to assess the usefulness of specialized IT systems in their daily work.  The number of places is limited.

You can sign up HERE >>



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