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informacje branżowe | 06.06.2019

The eq system as an expert during the Innovator’s Day at the WSB Academy

On May 30, 2019, the Innovator’s Day was organised by the Katowice Special Economic Zone Inc. (KSEZ) and the WSB Academy. On this day, the Academy of the Innovator Club Leader’s was officially established. The project was created with the thought of the real needs of the labour market in the area of developing the key managerial skills necessary for effective team management and own efficiency, both for students of Silesian universities and members of the Innovator’s Club.

The mission that guides us
Our mission is to create innovative, friendly and intuitive solutions and to ensure the continuous development of the entire enterprise. We are glad that we could participate in this event. The meeting was important for many reasons, because it is not only the opportunity to present innovative tools that are solving the technical problems, but also an important conversations about new innovative solutions and technologies on today’s market. Innovator’s Day is about taking the knowledge from the so-called club guests – authorities in the field of innovation, and above all, meeting with a crowd of university students, creative, young people, innovators whom we support with our knowledge.

The Certificate of Honorary Member of the Innovator’s Club
During the conference, we were awarded the Certificate of Honorary Member of the Innovator’s Club. Therefore, we can influence the club’s goals, take active part in its meetings and activities, and – most importantly – improve the competences and skills of Club members.

An expert debate
As a part of the Innovator’s Day a conference was held during which their knowledge shared, among others, such experts as:

  • Krzysztof Orlicz – member of the board of the eq system technology LLC,
  • dr hab. Barbara Piontek, AWSB,
  • Tomasz Burczyński – Director of the Technology Credit Office in the Department of European Programs – Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego,
  • dr. Sergey Yatsunenko – Specialist of the TRIZ of fourth degree, president of the Scientific and Industrial Association TRIZ Polska – Novismo LLC,
  • Mateusz Maik – director of the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators – Dąbrowski Entrepreneurship Incubator,
  • Alicja Woźnikowska-Woźniak – DINKSY and dr inż. Paweł Buchwald – WSB Academy,
  • Major Rocco Spencer – retired US Army officer.

The main topic of the expert debate was “Innovation, future and a broad look at the problem today and tomorrow”. Krzysztof Orlicz, who deals with innovations professionally, during his speech presented many issues related to both support and substantive assistance of innovative projects:

I try to stay ahead of market trends and inspire my colleagues to continuous development. I value innovative solutions and in my activities I direct my attention towards people with whom I can cooperate. I believe that one of the main problems for people wanting to develop is the lack of a knowledge sharing platform where the private sector could exchange knowledge with the scientific community, which also often operates on isolated islands. Communication problems often result from the lack of transparent administrative and legal solutions that effectively prevent effective cooperation. Looking at the young people we recruit for organisation, I concluded that creative / innovative thinking should be introduced in primary schools.

As usual, participation in such an event is a source of pride and awareness that we have a real impact on supporting innovative activities in our region. Such initiatives are also an ideal place and time to implement various forms of activity and raise professional qualifications.

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