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klienci | 19.04.2019

Strauss Cafe – how does it improve its production management processes? [video material]

We often say that when choosing an IT system – it should be a choice for years. We are not only repeating this, but we also try to make our clients aware of it and we prompt how to easily implement these theoretical assumptions in practice. Of course, our role ends at some point and the client’s work begins. The care for continuous development and the flexibility of the solution are what allow the system to develop together with the company over many years.

We are pleased that most of our projects are conducted with people with impressive competences, and they are headed by the Strauss Cafe company, which activities are being supported by the Asprova APS system for over 9 years. Our cooperation and its effects were also appreciated by the software developer – the Asprova Corporation which prepared a material about Strauss Cafe, in which direct system users talk about business benefits resulting from using the system in their daily work and about how the system affects the functioning of the entire company, and not just the “fragment” related to production planning and scheduling.

Strauss Cafe talks about how it improves its production processes:

We are extremely proud of our clients and their effects! We like to hear about how they develop, and above all, we like to listen to how customers talk about how they improve their processes. It’s nice to feel that we are part of their success. We wish Strauss Cafe to continue to develop so dynamically.

About company:

Strauss Cafe is a leading coffee producer and distributor in Poland, which has been on the market since 1991. The company employs over 350 people and its production facility is considered to be one of the most modern in Europe. It is able to produce 25,000 tons of coffee per year. The company produces coffee for brands such as MK Cafe, Pedro’s, Fort or Mildano.

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