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klienci | 28.03.2018

Stella Pack increases the accuracy of forecasts with eq system

The FMCG industry is one of those in which increasing the accuracy of forecasts relatively quickly affects the efficiency of the entire enterprise operation. The precise analysis of historical data, the impact of promotional campaigns on sales and seasonality allows for continuous improvement of this process. One of the biggest challenges in this area is to match the right solution not only to the assumed business strategy but also to the style of work of individual people and their experience.

Stella Pack has appreciated the experience of our specialists, their individual approach to the client and the capabilities of Forecast PRO, and decided to cooperate with us both in consulting and software implementation.

Why did you choose to work with eq system and the Forecast PRO system?

Juliusz Żuławski, Stella Pack’s Logistic DirectorThe growing requirements regarding the availability of products, the level of customer service and the optimization of stock levels prompted us to look for a system supporting forecasting. We wanted to increase the accuracy of forecasts and use them as a reliable input information for determining further stages of the value chain (including planning the supply of finished goods, raw materials, materials and production). In addition, our processes have become more and more complex, and thus we have been collecting an increasing amount of data that had to be processed quickly and efficiently. Therefore, at some point we felt the need to structure the forecasting process, introduce employee replacement and, above all, be supported by a more specialized IT system. Forecast PRO is a relatively “simple” program with quite narrow specialization, but it is therefore very well suited to the tasks being performed and the assumed business goals.

First and foremost, we appreciate eq system specialists for a professional and flexible approach to the client. Mr. Arkadiusz Kupczyk, who conducted workshops dedicated to  the use and the possibilities of the Forecast PRO system, declared further help to each of our users. The workshops were very specific, in fact, one can not expect more from them. There is only practice and further improvement of skills in this area left.

Unfortunately, I know of the companies that settle fees for the shortest e-mail, even if in the final analysis the information obtained through it turns out to be useless for the client.

The approach of eq system is, in my opinion, an absolute role model for other companies in the industry.

Assumed benefits:

  • Improving planning by introducing the possibility of predicting probable orders.
  • Reduction of stock levels due to a more accurate response to customer needs.
  • Speeding up the reactions to temporary or unexpected changes in demand due to the exclusion of disturbances in historical data caused by, for example, promotional campaigns or the introduction of new products.
  • Increasing the accuracy of forecasts while minimizing the time needed to create them.
  • The ability to continuously improve the forecasting process by comparing forecasts with their actual implementation.

We have no doubt that the cooperation between Stella Pack and EQ System will be stimulating for both companies and will enable everyone to achieve all of the benefits assumed in the project as soon as it is possible.

Stella Pack is a company with over 20 years of experience. They are a leader in the production and distribution of foil products. The group includes 6 modern production plants. In 2013, the company started the investment process, the aim of which is to achieve production at the level of 3,000 tons of foil products per month. Another investment which is supposed to lead the company to achieving this goal is the implementation of Forecast PRO forecasting system.

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