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klienci | 19.10.2018

Rhenus Logistics always on time thanks to the XPRIMER and the eq system

XPRIMER is a solution increasingly appreciated by the logistics industry, in which a precisely planned cast, care for required employee rights and quick response to sudden events is invaluable. It allows to maintain trust from customers, and thus guarantees a stable position in a very competitive market.

Another logistics company that chose the XPRIMER solution and the experience of our specialists is Rhenus Logistics Inc. It has been more than a year since the implementation of the system – therefore the time has come to sum up the whole project and present the benefits achieved. CASE STUDY >>

At Rhenus Logistics we needed an advanced tool to manage the work time of employees. We were looking for a solution that would meet our requirements – not only here and now, but also in the future. Specialists of the eq system, after analysing our initial situation, together with us, built a detailed concept of improvements, and then implemented and adapted the XPRIMER system not only to the specifics of our industry, but also the company. In our case, each branch and warehouse, and there are several of them, has its own specificity. Experts from the eq system managed to see it and then move it to the tool, which is XPRIMER. Now all of the most important information has been gathered in one place and only authorised persons have access to it. Many activities that once took us few days – today they are a matter of only few minutes.

The cooperation with the eq system and the implemented XPRIMER solution has brought us to a completely new organisational level, and the time saved can be spent on much more valuable projects. I recommend the eq system to all companies that are looking for a business partner with impressive experience in the logistics industry and the ability to see the specifics of a given company and to reflect it in the system. We feel that XPRIMER supports our business goals in a very effective way.

Małgorzata Frankowska
HR Director, Rhenus Logistics Inc.

What benefits has the Rhenus Logistics achieved? What challenges did it have to face? How does it assess the cooperation with us and the capabilities of the XPRIMER system?

We encourage you to read full case study >>


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