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Remote work with the XPRIMER system

An unusual situation, related to the outbreak of the epidemic, is a challenge for both employers and employees. Finding ourselves in a new reality, when in addition it is not known how long it will take, is not easy, that is why all HR tools that facilitate and improve work are at a premium. In many companies, employees have switched to a remote work system to ensure smooth operation of the enterprise. Due to the fact that one of the stages and evidence of its development is the recruitment of new employees, questions regarding the recruitment management arise. What recruitment tools should you choose? Can the company’s organisational culture suffer from it? We invite you to read!

Remote work – at home, but like at the office

With the change of place of providing services to the employer, the scope of employee duties does not change. The employee is still required to work in the time specified in the contract and to perform the tasks assigned to his position. This, of course, also works the other way round – the employer provides the employee with remuneration, insurance, etc., also during the home office. It may also be important from the point of view of the employee that if he meets with an accident at home while working, it will be treated in the same way as if it had happened in the company (if it is related to the performance of that work). Such a person is therefore entitled to appropriate benefit.

Modern HR tools

Let’s stop for a moment on the issue of remote work in the context of HR tools. Processes in HR departments run regardless of whether employees are on site, in the company, or work remotely. In both cases, it is worth using ready-made solutions that facilitate human resource management, and choosing suitable recruitment tools for future activities.  With the help comes e.g. the XPRIMER platform.

XPRIMER supports the operation of the most complex processes in a company, whereby facilitates its effective management. It is a flexible tool because it allows us to adapt its modules to the needs, business goals and structure of the enterprise – small, medium or large one. So we use only the elements that we need. What’s more, we do not have to do this while sitting all the time at the computer – XPRIMER is also a mobile application that gives access to the most important data. We will also review discussion threads, send a vacation request and introduce changes to the schedule.

HRM tools in remote work

One of the mentioned XPRIMER modules is the HR module responsible for human resource management. Thanks to it, it is much easier to handle the recruitment process, organise trainings or take actions connected with the development and evaluation of employees.

The XPRIMER platform and its HR module include two other modules: HRM and HCM. For people who work remotely every day (or as now – in special circumstances), HRM will be particularly useful. Due to its functions, concentrated around the so-called hard HR, it allows us to plan, record and settle employees’ work. XPRIMER.HRM also automates bonus and budgeting processes, thanks to which they run smoothly even during remote work. It also helps in improving internal communication when only telephone or virtual contact is possible.

HRM – everything under control

HRM also allows us to respond to sudden events that are not excluded during remote work. It is enough that the company computer, that was made available to the employee at home, will break down. If the company’s policy excludes the use of private equipment, such a failure should be reported when using the XPRIMER mobile application. Then the employer decides how to safely pick up the broken computer from the employee and then provide him with a new one.

Another case: an employee at home has an unfortunate accident, as a result of which he is unable to work, so he goes on sick leave overnight. Meanwhile, he was responsible for closing the key project for the company. Thanks to the XPRIMER.HRM platform it will be possible to quickly replace him with an employee who has the appropriate competences and, as the schedule shows, is available at the chosen time.

HCM – recruitment software

XPRIMER.HCM is a module that allows us to bring out the potential of the entire team, but it is also a kind of employee recruitment program. The information about each of them gathered on the platform allows us not only to capture competence gaps, but also to predict what training they will need in the future, if, for example, the employer is thinking about promotion for them.

Data on employees collected and analysed in HCM may lead to the conclusion that it is necessary to employ a new person. While most departments, including the HR department, work from home, the recruitment process needs to be remodelled somewhat. Interestingly, HCM is a precise tool that allows you to shorten it by up to 56%, while maintaining the entire organisational culture. The platform quickly analyses and compares the competences of the candidates, so their initial selection is extremely efficient. Then only virtual meetings remain as part of the subsequent stages of recruitment and the selection of the most appropriate person.

This is what the online recruitment and employee management system looks like in remote work mode. Using XPRIMER guarantees that all processes in the company will run faster, with full transparency and data security. It does not matter whether they involve full-time or home-based work. We should also remember that when deciding to implement the XPRIMER platform in our company, we reduce administrative costs, improve communication with employees and precisely plan their work time – all in full compliance with labour law.

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