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Opera MES will allow you to keep records of all production processes, including production activities (such as production, maintenance, quality assurance) and production-related activities (such as cleaning, service, training, and production warehouse). The user-friendly, intuitive interface allows you to record all events regardless of their type. You will know exactly what is going on, because you will see it

What benefits can you enjoy?

OPERA MES redukcja dokumentów

reduction of paper documents by nearly 97%

Wdrożenie systemu APS

elimination of errors in the event records by 94%

OPERA MES wiarygodne dane dla OEE

reliable data for indicators (OEE)

OPERA MES dystrybucja planu produkcyjnego

immediate distribution of the production plan


improving the functioning of the company through more transparent procedures

Ergonomic data collection

Opera MES gives you the ability to comprehensively record activities carried out both directly in the production process and auxiliary activities, including:

  • records of production progress,
  • consumption of materials,
  • service and machine breakdowns,
  • quality processes and tests,
  • auxiliary activities,
  • integration with machines.

OPERA MES- zbieranie danych

OPERA MES- zarządzanie produkcją

Production management – transparency of activities

All information will reach you quickly – the way from the plan to its implementation and from implementation to the response to specific events will be much shorter. No more sending paper documents, approaching the machines or operators with instructions to see what has happened. The production will become fully transparent, because you will see everything in real time.

Speed of action = speed of reaction

Opera MES works online. You can see what is happening in production on an ongoing basis and how it is progressing. Thanks to this, your reaction can be immediate, regardless of whether it is a failure report, lack of material or completion of the production process.

ASPROVA APS szybkość działania

Opera MES knows the answers to your questions

What will Opera MES tell you?

  • What are the real technological times?
  • What is the actual efficiency of the production processes?
  • Where do mistakes and quality problems occur most often?
  • What is the level of discipline in the organization?
  • Do you know who produced what, when and with what it was produced?

Independence from IT systems used

Opera MES cooperates with any external systems (including ERP, SCP, APS, CMMS or BI) and directly with machines used during the production process.


Our Clients

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    For our customers in the food industry, it is important that the production history is fully traceable. Customers require us to trace possible errors in production, to reconstruct the circumstances of their occurrence and, most importantly, to determine in which series they occurred and to whom the potentially defective products could be delivered. This ability to trace production, which is the domain of the MES system, is crucial for safety and hygiene, which is an advantage of SOPP Polska Sp. z o.o. During the implementation, the MES system was integrated with the transaction system operated by us, registering the costs of the business conducted by our company.

    Waldemar Dworznik President of the Management Board of SOPP Polska Sp. z o.o.
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    I will answer very briefly - I cannot imagine going back to the situation before the implementation of the systems and before cooperation with eq system. There are many reasons for this, but above all, I want to mention the flexibility of the proposed solutions for the introduced (often sudden) changes and the acceleration of responses to unexpected events.

    Bartłomiej Jursza Production Director, Model-Art
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    The combination of Asprova APS, Opera MES and XPRIMER.TCW systems gives us the feeling that we are taking care of our processes in a comprehensive manner. Thus we will increase not only the stability of plans, but we will also have greater control over their course and the certainty that we use our production capacities properly due to properly defined and transferred technology.

    Paweł Torbus General Director, EMIX sp.j. Torbus


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