mafia nadgodzinowa webinar

Overtime mafia uncovered

The mafia? “Is that the film Marlon Brando starred in”, many Polish entrepreneurs will ask. Those who are clearly unaware of the prevalence of the problem of fraudulent overtime generation in organisations. Lack of knowledge about how the overtime mafia operates has actually only one advantage, according to the principle that the less you know, the better you sleep: company owners do not know how many thousands or even millions they lose annually through such a procedure.

The webinar How to Fight the Overtime Mafia? which took place this year on 20 May, was an opportunity for us to talk to HR directors, managers and staff about how to deal with the problem of time abuse in a company. Numerous questions from the participants only strengthened our conviction that we have accurately diagnosed the educational needs of the HR sector.

Already after the webinar a question came to your mind that you would like to ask? Write to our expert on LinkedIn to arrange an individual consultation.

You haven’t had the opportunity to attend a meeting about the mafia? Write to us at marketing@eqsystem.pl: we will keep you informed about similar events.

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