zarządzanie produkcją w firmie TORF

Does automation mean nurturing?

Automation of company processes is a standard in modern, well-managed enterprises. The improvement of this process, implemented by Torf, has shown that almost all processes can be automated and optimised in an organisation. Ahead is a webinar where we will talk about a project that aimed to nurture the business in an appropriate and tailored way.

It would seem that only when a company has reached an appropriate level of development can it afford to have more freedom to control every process and area. However, the opposite is true. The more developed the organisation, the greater the precision in this area. Most often, this development is connected not only with the growth of the company and the increase in the number of employees, but also with the use of solutions based on modern technologies. The cosmetics industry is a leader in implementing modern solutions, both organisational and IT ones. We will talk about how cooperation with eq system and the implementation of the APS Asprova system influenced the functioning of Torf, the cosmetics company, in a webinar on 10 June at 10.00.

Is your schedule so full that you can’t make it to meet us online at this time? Make an appointment to speak with our expert, who will tell you how to improve the management of your business.

Torf sets an example

Why, when talking about improvements in the production management process, did we choose Torf as an example? Because it is the best proof that the involvement of employees at all levels in pursuit of the set goal, as well as IT tools properly selected are noticeable benefits less than half a year after implementation.

Torf, owner of the tołpa brand, is a company with over 320 employees. Almost 3 million products a month leave the factory, made of almost 800 raw materials and a base of about 2,100 packages. The size of production batches varies from 30 to 3,000 kg. With such data, production planning in Excel sheets no longer serves its purpose. In addition, after an analysis by eq system experts, the holistic model was jointly recognised as the most effective: it was decided that it was necessary to synchronise the company’s areas and ensure smooth communication between them. As cooperation with eq system has shown, such a global view of one’s own company is the basis for nurturing the business. Nurturing, in this case procedures, the benefits of which can be seen in the organisation much faster than the effects of cosmetic procedures.

Different types of products, large variation in batch sizes, very complex production and logistics processes: sounds familiar? If you want to learn how to solve these problems in your organisation using the example of Torf, write to us to marketing@eqsystem.pl: we will put you in touch with our consultant.

What does business nurturing mean for you?

The example of changes at Torf can undoubtedly be an inspiration for you to carry them out in your company. You have a similar organisation of processes, similar technological conditions, you struggle with similar problems: maybe it’s worth draw your attention to the solutions chosen by Torf?

During the webinar, on which our expert Artur Głodek will host a representative of Torf company, you will learn how the application of template technologies and dynamic changeovers looks like in a cosmetics company. You will also listen to a discussion on the optimisation of the production management process with the use of IT tools, among other things. If you are also interested in how to build a database during implementation, the representative of Torf will tell you how it looked in her organisation.

Nurture your business and manage your enterprise as efficiently as Torf. Read what exactly has changed in the company after implementing the APS Asprova system.


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