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Build a positive employee experience

A satisfied employee is a loyal employee. As many as 70% of respondents, whose opinions were taken into account by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in its 2020 report, believe that employee experience has a significant impact on the engagement of employees while performing their duties. Thanks to the EX strategy, their effectiveness also increases significantly, as declared by 64% of respondents.

Employee experience, currently one of the most important trends in human resources management, is a look at the company through the eyes of the employee, the sum of their experiences in the organisation in all fields and stages of operation, from recruitment and employment process, through development in the company, to leaving the organisation.

If you want to know:

  • what employee experience is and why it has become one of the dominant trends in human resources management
  • how employee experience affects employee productivity
  • whether the Workforce Management platform is a need or a requirement
  • what you should consider when you implement the WFM system

join us at a meeting during which eq system expert Błażej Migoń will show you how to implement the Employee Experience Strategy and how the implementation of the WFM platform affects the positive employee experience. Sign up now at https://bit.ly/3qIb5b9

Today’s employees are the consumers of the workplace, and their satisfaction does not last forever. To achieve it, you require a consistent strategy in developing, among other things, a sense of belonging, commitment through a friendly atmosphere in the workplace, support, effective communication and matching development opportunities with employee’s needs. An increasingly important role is played by technology which must meet the ever-changing needs of the organisation and its participants. Such expectations are met by the WFM platform, a system supporting and improving processes related to human capital management. The term of Workforce Management includes many more or less complex HR and employment processes. The most important of these are recruitment activities, working time management, HR reports, productivity analysis, planning and monitoring of the training process.

Reaching the state in which the employee has a strong sense of belonging to the organisation, has the awareness of support, acceptance and knows that they can develop according to their needs requires consistent actions. This is confirmed by the examples of many Polish companies with which we have cooperated when we implemented the WFM platform, i.e. XPRIMER, says Błażej Migoń, expert of eq system.

Why do companies choose the XPRIMER platform? What are the different stages of implementation and what effects does it bring, both for the employee and the organisation? You will find answers to these and other questions during an online meeting on 22 July 2021 at 10.00 am, Employee Experience in practice, or how the WFM platform helps to build a positive employee experience. Join us at https://bit.ly/3qIb5b9

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