220 hours of practical exercises, kilograms of ground coffee and …, a summary of the 14th edition of the Asprova APS workshop

Six years have just passed since we decided to share our production process improvement knowledge. Six years since our Product Manager Michał Żelichowski welcomed the first participants at the workshops on effective production planning with Asprova APS.

Before we started the spring edition of the workshops, we wanted to make a small summary and say who the participant of the workshops was. How many people have we trained over the past six years? How much time did we spend together? How do the participants see our trainer? You can find the answers to these and a few other questions in the following infographic: check it out.



Summaries offer a great opportunity to say thank you. We would like to acknowledge the participants in every edition: for the multitude inspiring debates, the exchange of insights and the openness in discussions about challenges of production planning and scheduling in various industries. It is these meetings that make it possible for us to constantly improve, to keep a fresh perspective and stay flexible to solve production management problems. We cannot forget our leader Michał Żelichowski and to thank him: the workshops have enjoyed an unflagging popularity for so many years and the participants have agreed in the surveys that it is the leader, leader’s approach and non-conventional thinking that make the workshops extremely valuable.

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