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| 11.05.2018

XPRIMER – achieve success in a systemic way

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Articles about production | 13.07.2021

Production planning with a variety of products and packaging formats shown by the case of Torf Corporation

The variety of products and packaging formats is a challenge faced by many production companies. In this situation, the problem of production planning becomes even more important. The best example of this is Torf Corporation, owner of the tołpa brand, whose need to improve these processes led them to cooperate with eq system and work on the coordination and synchronisation of production processes.


Articles about HR | 21.06.2022

Traceability – how to increase competitive advantage?

As consumer research shows, the ability to verify a product and its transparency has recently become a desirable feature for customers. They no longer only pay attention to where the finished product comes from, but under what conditions it was produced, from which semi-finished products and by whom. Generation Z is playing an increasingly important role in the consumption market and it is Generation Z, with its active social involvement, that is setting the tone for expectations of product genealogy or traceability.


Articles about HR | 05.05.2020

Automatic planning of working time

In my previous article (Pattern-based planning of working time), I wrote about the support of the working time planning process by an IT system based on patterns (calendars, shift schedules). In online mode, it indicates the mistakes that were made during the planning, so that they can be corrected on a regular basis. In this part, I will try to explain the automatic planning of working time schedules, which can be simply called planning of the appropriate staffing. The entire process happens in one place, basing on a demand for a certain number of employees.


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