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Articles about HR | 05.05.2020

Automatic planning of working time

In my previous article (Pattern-based planning of working time), I wrote about the support of the working time planning process by an IT system based on patterns (calendars, shift schedules). In online mode, it indicates the mistakes that were made during the planning, so that they can be corrected on a regular basis. In this part, I will try to explain the automatic planning of working time schedules, which can be simply called planning of the appropriate staffing. The entire process happens in one place, basing on a demand for a certain number of employees.


Articles about production | 12.01.2021

The story of one STANDARD … part 2: Business management and the APS system and XPRIMER

If you have read the previous part of this article, you know that we stopped at the events of the 1990s. At that time, the idea of developing production plans that closely mirror the production environment arose. Not only the technology, but also the organisation of the production process. APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) systems were developed. APS systems design an optimum schedule of activities of production resources, taking into consideration process limitations and relevant optimisation criteria. Their scope may include long-term and even budget planning, as well as detailed, shift-based production schedules.


Articles about HR | 17.10.2022

Welcome to the world of post-pandemic HR


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