| 11.05.2018

Comprehensive production management

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Articles about HR | 23.07.2020

Is this the end of presentism and the beginning of absenteeism?

We present a new series of articles! We will indicate negative phenomena that may be forgotten due to the changes forced by the lockdown. We will also discuss those that are replaced by new ones, not yet known to us. In the next parts of the series, we will cover, among others, the topic of the end of the fear of digitisation or the “death” of spreadsheets in personnel processes. We will also explain where the sudden burden on HR departments came from and why their work is now becoming more important.


Articles about HR | 21.07.2020

Remote work with the XPRIMER system

An unusual situation of the pandemic outbreak is a challenge for employers and employees alike. Finding ourselves in a new reality, when you do not know how long it will take, is not easy. Thus, all HR tools that facilitate and improve work have an added value. In many companies, employees have switched to remote work to ensure smooth operation. As one of the stages and a proof of its development is the recruitment of new employees, questions regarding the management of this process arise. What recruitment tools should you choose? Can the company’s organisational culture suffer from it? Read the article to find out!


Articles about production | 03.09.2020

Why a production plan is outdated a moment after it is published: how to deal with the dynamics of change

Responding to constant changes is an indispensable part of the work of those in charge of production planning. If these changes have little influence on the shape of the entire plan and schedule, they may even be imperceptible. But it gets worse when, for example, due to a machine failure, the production plan and schedule that had been prepared for many hours is no longer valid. Is it possible to remedy this?


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