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informacje branżowe | 18.12.2017

Innovative Product 2017 – an honourable mention for eq system and XPRIMER

Innovativeness is the word that precisely describes our approach to our projects and actions. Every award and honourable mention which proves that we succeed in realising this goal is extremely important and encouraging for further, even harder work. Thereupon, we are proud to announce that XPRIMER has gained the honourable mention in the contest entitled “The Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production”.

The aim of the contest was to reveal products and services which are characterised by a high level of innovativeness and, thus, make it possible to effectively improve the work of logistics and production departments.

XPRIMER has been appreciated for its practicality dedicated to the production industry. The MOM module, created by eq system’s specialists, lets bring the premises of Industry 4.0 into effect. It aims at making it possible to manage the whole of the production process, from planning, through realisation, up to the end of the product life cycle and then, the delivery. What also had a great meaning for the jury was the technological innovativeness of the platform and its interactive nature which makes it possible to improve work in dispersed and multidivisional organisations.

Xprimer wyróżniony w konkursie produkt innowacyjny 2017

Jury pointed out that, against the competition, XPRIMER features flexibility which lets it develop on its own, without the provider’s involvement and, thus, without any additional costs. Users who have full powers can make changes into the software, adjusting it to the current business situation of the company.

While creating and developing XPRIMER, we believe that it is supposed to be the system that fits to the company, not the other way round. Different mentions in the “innovativeness category” prove that it is the care for every detail and constant development of the system that really matters to the users and specialists from various branches. Gaining this would not be possible if it was not for the trust of our customers, their suggestions and adjusting XPRIMER to current expectations and latest trends.

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