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informacje branżowe | 01.07.2019

eq system is a member of the SA&AM Cluster

One for all, all for one
We decided to become a member for several relevant reasons. First, the mission, both ours and the “Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing” (SA&AM) Cluster, is to take care of the development of key competences of regions at the point of contact of economic, educational and scientific potential. Secondly, we want to take an active part in building an innovative image of our voivodeships, e.g. by creating advanced IT systems and intelligent applications. Thirdly, we want to be a part of a strong platform for exchange and cooperation between enterprises and educational and scientific institutions.

Two pillars
The activities of the SA&AM Cluster centre around two pillars: Innovation & Cooperation and Labour Market & Education. As an eq system company, we will participate in workshop meetings of various thematic groups, exchange our knowledge and experience with other members and participants of meetings organised under these pillars.

Brighter in the group
Within the framework of the implemented projects of the SA&AM Cluster, we will develop cooperation and strengthen our market position by conducting joint projects. Thanks to cooperation through participation, we want to achieve, among others:

  • faster verification of external signals,
  • balanced, based on the opinions of all partners assessment of the market situation,
  • operational mobility in relation to specific problems within industry task groups,
  • access to jointly developed solutions,
  • participation in developmental projects.

We are sure that our multi-annual experience will help to solve problems and develop beneficial solutions for many companies.
The SA&AM Cluster includes, among others, companies such as: Brembo Poland, Eaton Automotive Systems, Ficomirros Polska, Huf Polska, Kirchoff Polska, Nexteer Automotive Poland, Plastic Omnium Auto, Rhenus Automotive Assembly.

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informacje branżowe | 08.05.2018

eq system chosen as the best partner of Asprova Corporation for the fifth time

The title for the Best Business Partner means a lot to us - all the more that we always emphasize that the tools are not a solution. By gaining the title, we confirm that they actually play a supporting role. and the key to success is primarily cooperation and partnership relations.


informacje branżowe | 06.06.2019

The eq system as an expert during the Innovator’s Day at the WSB Academy

Innovator's Day taking place at the WSB Academy is an event of which we were not only a partner, but also an active participant acting as an expert. One of our board members - Krzysztof Orlicz - Director of the Research and Development Department found himself in this role. During the event, we also received the Honorary Member Certificate of the Innovator Club.


expert articles | 11.05.2020

ERP and APS vs. fear of change

Developing a concept of how to implement a system for a client is a difficult and demanding process. Over the last few years, I have participated in dozens of such projects, as an analyst, project manager and product manager. They had different processes ended differently but what most of them had in common was the specificity of the organisations I met. This got me thinking. Are individual companies that different? Are certain industries really specific? Can the purchasing, sales and warehouse processes in each company be different? I also thought about what most companies repeated: We are a specific company; We have a different specificity; It works differently at our company; and It will not work in our organisation. Are they really justified, or is it simply fear of change?


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