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klienci | 19.02.2018

EMIX takes care of the details of production processes with eq system

Production processes belong under those that can always be improved. All you need to know is “just” what changes to introduce and where in order for them to have a real impact on improving the efficiency of all resources (people, machines, tools). Production processes in the automotive industry are particularly complicated, because they focus mainly on details.With such a precise production, there is no room for extra downtime or mistakes.  What counts is efficient communication, quick access to data and the ability to simulate various plan variants. This is impossible without the support of appropriate tools.

The EMIX company decided to combine the functionality of three systems – Asprova APS, Opera MES and XPRIMER.TCW in order to optimise the entire production process and gain more control over it. That is why, eq system specialists have created a detailed concept of improvements, enabling the realignment and automation of the entire planning process, including:

  • real technological times,
  • process limitations and finite manufacturing capacity of the company,
  • changes in the availability of resources,
  • ongoing implementation after production.

We have decided to work with eq system mainly due to the experience of its specialists in the area of the optimization of production processes and the prepared improvement concept, based on a detailed analysis of our initial situation. One of the most important factors was also (in our opinion unrivaled) the functionality of the Asprova APS system, which allows for a very detailed representation of our production processes.

The combination of Asprova APS, Opera MES and XPRIMER.TCW systems gives us the feeling that we will take care of our processes in a comprehensive manner, and thus not only we will increase the stability of our plans, but also have greater control over their course. Moreover, it will ensure us that we use our manufacturing capacity appropriately due to the properly defined and transferred technology.

Paweł Torbus, Chief Executive

Assumed benefits:

  • Improvement of communication due to the quick access to current information on the production status, its course and unused manufacturing capacity.
  • Reducing time needed for response to changes in the schedule due to the current production records.
  • Improving the stability of the plan through the use of what-if simulations and analyzing the occurring disturbances and their effects, and thus creating the possibility of better prevention from them in the future.
  • Creation of a knowledge base and centralization of the data storage location i.a. by transferring the knowledge and experience of technologists and planners to the system.
  • Improvement and unification of the processes related to the creation of technology.
  • Reducing the amount of documentation and paper reporting by eliminating manual planning.

A reflection of the entire production process in information systems and a carefully prepared concept that takes into account the individual stages of the project and their detailed schedule will make it possible to achieve all of the expected benefits, and thus contribute to the effective implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept.

EMIX is a company which for years has been consciously investing in its development, choosing only those solutions that would have a real impact on improving the functioning of the entire company. The company is a leader in the production of components for the automotive and household appliances industry.It exists on the Polish market for over 17 years. Currently, it employs 80 employees.

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