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klienci | 29.01.2018

Danwood increases their majority with eq system

Every project, regardless of its sphere, should be based on proper foundation. In eq system, the foundation which remains unchanged and accurately supports the fruition of projects is a detailed concept of improvements. It makes it possible to set clearly the expectations and particular stages of the project, match the solutions to the minor details of the production processes and determine a reliable schedule of the work that is to be done.

In the concept created by our specialists, Danwood appreciates mainly the fact that it does not only consist of the implementation of Asprova APS and Opera MES. It goes way deeper – it evaluates the company’s starting point, sets the elements which need to be improved even before the implementation and determines the actions which make it possible to constantly improve production processes and and the software’s development after the implementation process.

Regarding a confidentiality clause, we are not at liberty to discuss the details of the project, and thereby, the assumed advantages which stem from our collaboration and the implementation of the systems – Asprova APS i Opera MES. However, usually the combination of functionality of these tools and their precise adaptation to the company’s business strategy allows, among others, simplify the entire production process, improve the stability of schedules and increase the efficiency of production resources (including people, machines, tools). We have no doubt that the cooperation based on the exchange of experience and knowledge between specialists from both of our companies will bring the benefits assumed in the created concept and will be satisfactory for both Danwood and eq system. We will inform you about the results achieved after the implementation.

Michał Żelichowski, Product Manager eq system

The end of the project is scheduled for the summer of 2018. We will then also answer more specific questions, including: What were Danwood’s expectations regarding the project? What benefits has the company achieved? How were the various stages of implementation and concept building going? What prompted Danwood to choose eq system for a business partner?

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