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| 09.05.2018

Michał Żelichowski

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expert articles | 08.12.2021

Business management: what does the traceability module change in the MES system?

It has recently gained popularity among medium and large enterprises to collect data on the functioning of the organisation at various levels. This is information concerning accounting, production, sales, purchases and internal processes taking place in companies. In short, huge amounts of data entered in many places, which are in fact collected art for art’s sake.


expert articles | 26.10.2020

Communication in business processes

Effective communication is a key element of the strategy at any company. Moreover, it is a challenge that all businesses in the market have to face nowadays. It does not matter whether it concerns the environment and image, management of change, crisis situation, employer branding or the coordination of current operations in several business processes. If it goes properly, it enables you to minimise the risk in these areas and, broadly speaking, gain a competitive advantage.


expert articles | 15.05.2020

Production planning in maintenance: APS vs. CMMS

An essential part of the work of those involved in production planning and scheduling is the collection of information. It is acquired through various channels, not only from one department. No one needs to be convinced about the necessity of data exchange with procurement, production or technology. It may seem that the maintenance department plays a less important role in the whole process. However, the absence of grounds to this statement may be confirmed by any planner who has forgotten to include planned maintenance at least once in their plan. The consequences of such an oversight are quite obvious: in the best-case scenario, the effort spent on scheduling goes to waste. In the worst-case scenario, the machine will break down due to a lack of preventive maintenance, and the consequences, particularly financial ones, are easy to imagine.


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