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| 09.05.2018

Michał Żelichowski

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expert articles | 13.07.2021

Production planning with a variety of products and packaging formats shown by the case of Torf Corporation

The variety of products and packaging formats is a challenge faced by many production companies. In this situation, the problem of production planning becomes even more important. The best example of this is Torf Corporation, owner of the tołpa brand, whose need to improve these processes led them to cooperate with eq system and work on the coordination and synchronisation of production processes.


expert articles | 30.06.2020

Technological data in the production management process

Working in various production companies, I often encountered the statement that “the system is malfunctioning”. Usually, it was about a demand for raw materials incorrectly generated, raw materials for release incorrectly prepared, production station overloaded or order costs incorrectly calculated. To explain these and many other similar anomalies, it was rarely necessary to launch an advanced investigation. In 90% of cases, the cause was the faulty/outdated production technology.


expert articles | 22.07.2022

Additional holiday pay and 14 days of rest versus organisational business continuity measures

Summer holiday season is an accumulation of holidays. Many employers, in accordance with Article 3(5) of the Act on the Company Welfare Fund, pay holiday benefits to employees in the form of the so-called "holiday under the pear tree” (the name dates back to the communist era, when holiday subsidies were used by employees for holidays in the countryside or in the garden).


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