We support Polish science

We are happy to share our experience, participating in such initiatives as conferences, symposia or meetings with practitioners. Although we know theory, we leave it to great scientists.
In meetings with students, we focus on practical solutions and skills, because we know how much they contribute to the education program. The energy of the students is also the opportunity for us to positively charge the batteries.

The opportunity to cooperate with Polish universities is a great honour for us. The awareness that we are participating in the process of shaping future managers and engineers fills us with pride, and also motivates and inspires us to undertake new, even more ambitious projects.

Michał Lach

President of the Board

eq system in the framework of culture

eq system in the framework of culture is our latest project in which we are performing in a previously unknown role - the patron of art. Although it is something completely new, we feel that the relationship of art and business is mutually enriching. Perhaps at a non-obvious, more abstract level, but still.

Through art, artists communicate what we try to follow every day - to care not only about content, but also about style and form. Conducting a dialogue, not a monologue. Awareness of the perspective through which all that we see and the way we interpret it is really very intimate. Therefore, what is obvious may quickly become full of contradictions. The first project in this area was the publication of the album “Eugeniusz Gerlach - Expression of colour”, followed by the author’s vernissage organized in our headquarters in April 2018.

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