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klienci | 23.05.2018

A tailor-made solution at GELG

Choosing the right APS system is not easy, just like finding a reliable business partner. Many things need to be checked, many things need to be taken into account. GELG has spent several years looking for the right APS solution and business partner. That is why we are really pleased to announce that after such a long search we trusted the experience of the specialists of eq system and the capabilities of Asprova APS.

GELG is a family company that has been operating in the metal industry since 1989. If offers a comprehensive service based on many years of experience in the industry. The basic activity of the company includes sheet metal pressing and machining. Other production processes are systematically improved along with the technologies introduced according to the clients’ needs. Most of the production is carried out based on the designs and individual orders of the clients. Due to the high complexity of the processes, the company was afraid to implement the APS class system.

For several years we have been looking for a suitable solution for production management and a business partner to help us in this change. During that time, we talked to many companies, but we still had doubts as to whether our processes were not too complicated to be included in the IT system. It turned out that this was not the case – we just had to find specialists with a broad knowledge and a system that is flexible enough to grow with us.

We chose Asprova APS mainly due to the conversion speed of the plans created, the possibility of building various schedule variants and the flexibility of the solution itself. The inclusion in the system of a real, and in our case a very specific production process, was also very important for us.

Before making the final decision to implement the computerization project and develop the concept of implementation of the Asprova APS system by eq system, we decided to visit two reference companies (ZM Kazimieruk and Profim) which have already cooperated with eq system specialists and have used the Asprova APS system for a longer time. We just wanted to verify whether the proposed solution will work in a one-off production and whether the competence and experience of eq system specialists is sufficient to implement such an important project for us. Visits in ZM Kazimieruk and Profim companies confirmed that the eq system specialists are extremely competent people and build long-lasting, positive relationships with their clients. Their help and support definitely does not end with the last day of implementation. We also made sure that Asprova APS system works well in one-off productions.

From these reference visits, we came back with the conviction that we will implement the project with eq system to whom we will entrust both the construction of the concept of our “transformation” and the implementation of the Asprova APS system. We also really wanted the project in our company to be carried out by Justyna Tołpa, who was responsible for the implementation of the Asprova APS system at ZM Kazimieruk.

I assess the current cooperation with specialists of eq system as very high. The level of competence of the people we work with is impressive, just like their approach, both to the project itself and to our specialists. The implementation of this project is based on close cooperation between our companies, which makes me very happy. After completing the analytical project, we received all the details of the concept – the eq system specialists once again assured us that our decision to cooperate with them was a good one. I am sure that the implementation will be as smooth as the cooperation so far.

Anna Grupińska-Miężał, Representative of the Management Board of GELG

The most important parameter that was decisive for the choice of the Asprova APS system was the speed of the software, and in particular how Asprova APS quickly refreshed and updated the created plans after making any changes. Visits to ZM Kazimieruk and Profim confirmed our belief that the Asprova APS software works well in planning the actual production, taking into account both its specificity and the limitations occurring during the process.

What I expect from the project in the first place is that I will be able to safely and reliably assess the possible consequences of the modifications introduced, and the system will illustrate them accordingly. Next, I am counting primarily on the improvement of KPIs, in particular timeliness and quality. I have no reservations as to the course of the audit. I hope that further cooperation will be as dynamic and effective as it has been up till now.

Błażej Jakubik, Head of Production, GELG Sp. z o.o.

Assumed benefits:

  • Shortening the lead times for orders by monitoring the timeliness of production orders and confirming them in relation to the actual operating capacity of the factory.
  • Improving the stability of the entire production process, thanks to the creation of a central point for managing the production plan, the launch of material balancing processes, carrying out analyzes of the exposure of particular resources etc.
  • Improving the smooth implementation of production plans by identifying bottlenecks.
  • Obtaining a review of the entire production plan and the dependence of individual processes thanks to transparent visualizations.
  • Evaluation of the impact of accepted orders and changes in the priorities of their implementation on the entire plan, by creating what-if simulations.
  • Monitoring of the reported production progress and its impact on the production plan, allowing a quick response to unexpected events.

We have no doubt that the combination of the commitment of our specialists and the extensive knowledge of GELG experts will allow us to achieve all of the assumed benefits in the shortest possible time.

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