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klienci | 29.05.2019

A sensible combination at the Profim company – what is it about and what does it give?

The Profim was among the finalists of the competition ‘Lider Informatyki’ (‘the IT Leader’), which main goal was to select companies characterised by a high level of innovativeness. We are extremely glad to hear it as we pay attention to innovativeness of a given company while realising projects. Such situation happened in the case of our cooperation with Profim. Its scope included an improvement of processes related to the production management (planning, scheduling and its records) as well as creation of the concept and choice of the right tools to increase the efficiency of business analytics.

The implementation of a Business Intelligence – type system, which is the Qlik Sense, is a logical consequence of the work that we have carried out previously. (…) We have decided on the Asprova APS solution. We believe that it is worth to invest in the best possible option. It pays off later. Our system combines sales orders with production orders, which in turn are associated with purchase orders for materials and semi-finished products. (…) That is why we had to implement a Manufacturing Execution System based on the Opera Manufacturing Execution System (MES) technology. The production of a chair or an armchair in our factory is based on several dozen operations done by various industrial robots. The production lines are made up of devices from many manufacturers so the control in each case is provided with a different protocol.

The BI solution implemented by the eq system is an excellent support for the APS and MES systems which we use. It allows us to see a lot more, despite the fact that we have access to exactly the same data. I recommend the BI system to everyone who wants to analyse faster and above all more effectively, and I recommend the eq system to those who want to be sure that the Qlik Sense will enable them to accurately reflect the business needs of their company. It was like that in our case – sums up Przemysław Fernówka, Management Board Agent for Information Systems at Profim LLC.

Nowadays, companies are increasingly looking for an effective support in realisation of assumptions of the Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. In the case of Profim company, investment in modern IT solutions and the experience of eq system specialists has contributed to achieving impressive results


I am convinced that we are in the most technologically advanced production company in Poland. Maybe not the only one, but others can be, at most, just as advanced. The implementation of the Asprova APS inventory management system is a feat that only 3% of companies in the country have succeeded in (…) We stand at the gates of what theorists call Economy 4.0. And basically Profim has already passed this gate. (…) We are one step away from the Internet of Things, when machines will communicate with each other without human intervention adds Marcin Porada, Operations Director and Member of the Board of Profim LLC.

We can only add that cooperation with such an experienced and aware customer is a pure pleasure and an excellent opportunity to expand our experience in designing production and analytical processes for companies in the furniture industry.

Profim is one of the leading companies specialising in seat production. Consumers appreciate the company primarily for their individual approach, ergonomics of the products sold and their original design. As much as 70% of manufactured chairs are exported, and Profim’s annual sales is PLN 500 million.

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