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Dubiel Vitrum stawia na rozwiązania IT eq system

A new dimension in production planning at Dubiel Vitrum

The Dubiel Vitrum is a manufacturer of glass products, including mirrors, construction and special glasses, furniture, tiles. The company also realises individual projects in which glass is used as a construction material or as a piece of equipment. The production of various products requires not only modern glass processing machines, but also innovative systems that support the control of the entire production process. In the interest of the speed of order processing, and thus increasing the satisfaction of current and future customers, the Dubiel Vitrum production plant decided to choose the APS class Asprova system that we offer for planning and scheduling the production.

Eq system has given us a lot of support at the level of choosing the right system – and this is the key to success in our view. We have been thinking about choosing the right solution for several years. However, the professional approach and very large knowledge of the eq system experts in the field of production planning and scheduling allowed us to see the huge potential in this system. Today I am convinced that it was a good choice and Asprova APS will allow us to make better decisions that affect the achievement of our business goals – comments Leszek Dubiel – deputy director of Dubiel Vitrum.

In the Dubiel Vitrum production plant, advanced projects are carried out every day and they require equally advanced systems to realise the production. Until now, planning was manual and was supported by a system for production monitoring and recording. However, due to the growing number of orders from customers and the amount of information that should be included in planning, the company began to look for a suitable system for planning and scheduling the production. In addition, the variability of demand and factors affecting the planning process is constantly growing, so it was necessary to acquire a system that is able to quickly answer the question “when are we able to produce a given product?”:

The Asprova system is an advanced production planning and scheduling system, in which any production process can be reflected. Every configuration and change of settings regarding planning functions takes place from the system level and is available to ordinary users. This is what distinguishes Asprova from the competition – emphasises Leszek Dubiel.

Assumed benefits of implementation:

  • increasing customer satisfaction by offering shorter deadlines for new inquiries,
  • eliminating overtime hours,
  • confirming achievable deadlines and meeting them,
  • synchronisation of operations throughout the entire plant,
  • optimisation of the production process,
  • minimising the number of changeovers made.

Managing many production processes is a big challenge, especially when these processes force the manufacturer to frequently change the machine over due to different details of products. The use of Asprova APS significantly shortens the time of these changeovers and allows users to map the changes in the production process on an ongoing basis and to define optimisation criteria by themselves.

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