5 reasons why you should have the XPRIMER 4.1 mobile app

We come back to the topic of the mobile application, but we do so for a reason. The past months have shown that the addition of this functionality to the XPRIMER system in version 4.1 was enthusiastically received, by the production and HR sectors alike. We don’t even have to think about it: we know it’s a reaction to the ease of use of the application. And it is about them that we want to tell you today.

XPRIMER 4.1 mobile app: main principles

Once it became clear to us that the latest version of the xprimer system would not do without a mobile application, we started to think about what aspects of it we would like to focus on. There was no voting, but an analysis of our customers’ needs. It was on this basis that we decided that the main (not the only!) assumption of the application should be to launch processes which would facilitate employee self-service from a mobile device. This is what happened. Users with smartphones or tablets based on Android or iOS, without having to use a computer, can handle the functionalities of the XPRIMER system. Which ones? Read on!

5 reasons why you should have the XPRIMER 4.1 mobile app

Here they are, the reasons, announced in the heading, why you should use the mobile application dedicated to the XPRIMER 4.1 system. Underneath the 5 reasons, there is nothing else but 5 main functionalities that it supports and, thanks to this, improves user work. Get to know them all:

The XPRIMER 4.1 mobile application allows quick checking the planned working time in the planned schedule and verification in the real-time schedule the number of hours worked in the month. The employee also has the option to switch between months and days and check their details. The month preview will show the status of the employee’s schedule, the norm and the scheduled hours. If a leave request has been issued, for example, it will also display a legend describing the abbreviations (for example, UW is annual leave).

2. Holidays
Here we have to distinguish 3 aspects, planning leave, checking leave duration and sending leave requests. The XPRIMER 4.1 mobile app user will plan holiday leave throughout the year and send the plan to the supervisor for approval. In addition, the employee will verify holiday entitlement. If he is unsure of the dates entered in a leave request, he can either preview and edit it, or cancel it and send a new one.

3. Overtime
The application supports such functionality as overtime orders. In other words, it is a list of already approved requests that the employer has made for an employee.
The user can also view on the mobile device a list of approved overtime collection requests for days off and at the request of the employer. With the app, the employee will also use the option to submit a new request to collect overtime for days off and verify the number of overtime hours worked in the pay period.

4. Private business
Supporting this functionality in the application ensures orderly staff scheduling. The employee enters a private business request in advance (existing requests can be viewed and edited), so there is time to find a replacement.

5. Work time recorder readings
The mobile application also works in this case like the xprimer system on the computer. A logged user can display a list of his work time recorder readings.

XPRIMER application, login

The idea behind mobile applications is to make them easy and intuitive to use. This is no different in the case of XPRIMER 4.1. We will show you this using the example of logging in.
After you install and start the application, you will see the start screen and a message about the need for configuration:

You enter the address and the application takes you to the login screen. You can save your login data or use the functionality associated with biometric login. It couldn’t be simpler, right?

XPRIMER, log in to the application!

The structure of the mobile application consists of 4 parts:

  1. Start: the main part of the application; here you will find desktops with applications and schedules;
  2. Tasks: you view the tasks you are assigned to;
  3. Board: you display messages and notifications;
  4. Profile: you enter your employee profile; you can also go to settings from this section.

Getting to know a new tool for work will certainly give you a lot of fun, so we will not take it away from you. Finally, let’s see what the main tab of the XPRIMER 4.1 mobile app looks like and what you can find there.

Once you get through the phase called XPRIMER login, you get to the place from where the whole application operation starts, the XPRIMER desktop. This is where other desktops are nested, such as Work Time or Requests and Schedules. The desktops are divided into My (they concern the employee directly) and My Team (it is a panel intended mainly for the supervisor, enabling, among other things, work with employee requests). Regardless of which one you use, the important information for you is that most of the functionalities consist of similar components. The basic element is a grid, which is a list of requests made along with information such as status or request date.

At this stage, we let go of your hand and give you the chance to click through the tool yourself. But be warned, we challenge you: we bet you’ll learn how to use this app in less than an hour! Do you want to take it?

PS You can download the XPRIMER 4.1 app from Google Play or AppStore, but remember that to use it in the XPRIMER system in operation you need a licence.

Magdalena Siwek
Marketing Department Specialist

If the 5 reasons why you should use this app are not enough for you and you want to know more, write to us at kontakt@eqsystem.pl; we have a whole list of them! You can also contact the author of this text via LinkedIn.


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